The Benefits Of Using Digital Motion X-Ray

Digital Motion X-Ray offers the best solution for finding the causes of pain in your joints and bones. It resents the bone movement as video-recording. Read on to know more.

Digital Motion X-Ray or DMX is an advanced technology of the regular X-ray unit. With the DMX, you can detect the source of pain, even when an expensive MRI fails. This digital motion X-ray works because it allows doctors to make the joint move for finding the affected area while conducting the medical imaging of the bones. If your facility needs DMX, you can contact Prime MedCare. We have a wide collection of products and equipment for conducting the treatment. Every product meets safety and security standards. Waleed Alabsi, CEO of the Alabsi Group, helps businesses get the best solutions. He ensures that medical facilities get the best equipment for improving patient care. For more details, please contact us.

The benefits of DMX are huge. It prepares an X-Ray movie of your moving bones. The standard x-ray and MRIs are not as effective as DMX. DMX captures the bone movement as it sequences frames and presents the analysis like a video recording.

The benefits of DMX:

You can find the source of the pain:

Movements cause pain. So, a static X-Ray may not work to find out the proper area of the problem. This is an effective diagnostic process for your treatment.

Chronic pain treatment:

If you are suffering from chronic pain treatment, you need better and immediate care. Through DMX, you can experience a better cure for the treatment. This digital motion X-Ray helps you find out the real problem you are suffering from.

Insurance claim:

With DMX, you can plan better treatment for your health. Since you will get a clear image of the problems, it helps you claim insurance with authentic proof.

When Digital Motion X-Ray helps you the most:

DMX proves beneficial in certain conditions, and we are going to discuss them further. We want to help you with detailed knowledge so that you can make the right decision for your health. This device has also been used by chiropractors and physicians.

Digital Motion X-Ray is one of the best instruments for joint dysfunction, ligament problem, and other issues. Buy quality medical equipment from Prime MedCare, the company offering full-scale medical equipment tools for your healthcare. You can find the best solution for the diagnostic and analysis process. Apart from DMX, you will get other medical equipment and products also. For buying high-quality DMX, you can contact Waleed Alabsi, who forms the Alabsi Group to help businesses across the world. For buying high-quality DMX, you can contact us, and we will offer the best solutions.

DMX or Digital Motion X-Ray offers the best view of your bone instability for the treatment of chronic pain. Please read on to know more.

DMX or Digital Motion X-Ray is a great tool for finding the reason for joints pain. It is video recording the bones in motions, which is an effective formula to identify the real problems. With the help of DMX, doctors can provide the best plans for treatment. We have explained things further for your knowledge. If your facility needs DMX or other medical equipment for patient care, Waleed Alabsi can give you the best solution. He is the CEO of the Alabsi Group, offering a complete range of medical equipment for hospitals and clinics.

DMX is an ideal analysis process if patients have whiplash. It is a neck injury caused by sudden forward and backward movement of the body. This type of injury is very common during a rear-end vehicle collision. DMX brings you a unique look at the structure, causing pain and bone instability. Radiologists who perform this x-ray sometimes direct patients to capture the movements of their joints.

Doctors even opt for the DMX when MRIs and X-rays do not show anything, but you still have pain. DMX captures the bones in motion. It is a dynamic diagnostic tool that doctors use for checking the conditions of spines and bones.  Using this device, doctors can check spinal and peripheral joint instability and ligament damage. We all know that pain happens when our body is in motion. With this technology, doctors can easily identify the problem area since it captures the images of bones in motions and represents it as videotaping.

If a person has joint instability, the adjacent Bones cause tension in the supportive structures, and the nerves close to the structure also cause severe chronic pain. Ligaments are performing their functions of connecting bones, but when ligaments are injured, our body limits to the motions. When the joint instability happens, it swells the joints, causes muscle spasms, and occurs bone spurs.

How does digital motion x-ray work?

Digital Motion X-Ray works perfectly for finding out the problem regarding joint instability. It is one of the advanced technologies that doctors use to find the root cause of the pain. Let’s learn how these systems work.

A person suffering from pain puts his/her neck, spine, and peripheral joints in a series of motions, which are videotaped by DMX. It works more like a movie camera, which takes 30 individual frames per second for creating the motion x-ray.

These frames are digitized and sequenced to build a video representation of the bone movements. Sometimes, the device is also used for getting additional views of the bones when the person is performing exercises or carrying weight, and more. Even radiology technicians put passive pressure in a certain direction to record the instability.

How is it helpful?

A static x-ray cannot work as precisely as the DMX for identifying chronic pain. DMX proves to be a very effective option for offering a complete view of joint instability, which helps doctors plan the right treatment. Ligaments are the connectors of the joints, and when the connectors are not tight, the bones also move excessively.  DMX captures the bone movements in motions for further treatment. You will get the best treatment solution with DMX outcomes. For high-quality medical equipment, Waleed Alabsi will help you get everything, from surgical products to DMX. Please contact us for more details.

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