DMX System

Digital Motion X-Ray advances medical imaging technologies and is widely used in the recording of motion study. It does not follow the common X-ray methods that employ fluoroscopy. Rather, DMX uses the conventional X-Rays to study your body in motion. It combines an X-Ray system with a digital computer and a detection system that records images in motion.

The DMX Innovators Group is a multi-disciplinary community of visionaries who share a common determination to create a better future in health and medicine.

We believe that the future of medical imaging should follow the principles of biomechanics and the human body as an active entity.

Digital Motion X-ray – DMX is a medical imaging technology that visualizes the human body real-time while in motion. 

DMX-Works Imaging offers three different configurations of the DMX System to meet your clinical application. The Stationary DMX System, which is affixed to your wall in your imaging room. The Portable DMX System, completely movable on wheels. The mobile DMX Unit, a drivable mobile diagnostic imaging center that houses the Stationary DMX System.


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